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4 college recruiting shareholders each contributed

Dumb has a dream ,she dreams of opening a coffee shop .Goats have a goal ,he tried his hand at a happiness and sense of achievement .We are happy ,louboutin,we are all goats .Only the dumb ,missing a bag of gold coins ,one less mouth to goats .
Empty and white said ,to do it, even if the failure ,the process could be wonderful .So ,we decided ,dream as a horse ,immediate departure .On March 19, 2012, Nanchang 4juniorin the online published an article entitled dream as a horse ,immediate departure :2000yuan toopen their own cafe !Post,christian louboutin uk, immediately causes a netizen attention .
Dumb ,from Jiangxi Normal University ;goat ,Nanchang University business management professional students ;empty ,christian louboutin uk,studying at the Jiangxi Normal University College of communication, majoring in advertising ;white ,from the East China Jiaotong University ,is the president of college student council .
They are 4 junior,active in their respective school organizations ,Jieyuan in last summer elite training .By chance, goats in douban.com saw a post ,called a Beijing coffee shop with 2000 yuan a share price partnership from 410000 yuan ,a total of 78 shareholders,and successful practice .
Inspired by this, one Goat found dumb ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,empty ,louboutin pas cher,white-haired ,and they brought the creative ,4 peoplefit in easily with in Nanchang ,also decided to open such a cafe, named our cafe . If a thing think calmly ,do you still want to do ,that you on this thing is really enthusiastic .
After the enthusiasm, seriously consider a month over and the partners decided to brave the online recruitment ,and there was above this post .The enthusiastic response is all of the promoters of unexpected .
That week, dumb still in class ,every day can receive many users advisory telephone ,mobile phone was destroyed ,there are still many missed call .Then ,a little be taken by surprise they quickly through the establishment of QQ group ,the confirmation of mail ,telephone chat ,online information form ,more than a month after careful screening ,in late April, the cafe to the first batch of 43 shareholders.
Although the shareholders request in 2000 ? 10000 yuan,but the majority of shareholders voted in line 10000 yuan.The 43 memberscome from all walks of life ,christian louboutin pas cher,network planning ,civil servants ,individual business ,Louboutin Outlet,law ,accounting ,veterans .
.. ... The youngest only 18 years old ,still a high school student ;age biggest 40 years old,80accounted for bymembers of 2/3 .In addition to the 4 promoters and two other shareholders are in school ,louboutin pas cher,Louboutin Pas cher,other shareholders have their own work ,spare time to participate in the cafe on the related matters ,run research ,marketing .
Ms. Lai ,40 years old,Nanchang a company executive, she saw the micro-blog Posts links , I felt a strong hope and sincere ,suddenly feel myself before a vision was woke up, I was young love coffee .
After the heartbeat ,Ms. Lai seriously considered the future business ,profit ,and firmly attached to the project, mainly responsible for the industrial and commercial registration cafe .
Helen of Troy ,after first adding it to their home ,vacated to allow shareholders to convene a general meeting of shareholders ,until the site before the end ,nearly two months ,the general meeting of shareholders is held in her home .
The first batch of shareholders is determined, goat they summoned shareholders set up a committee ,as a cafe decision-making mechanism .The 11 members of the boardare the shareholders themselves voted out ,PC week meeting ,will work in the near future target in the form of feedback to the shareholders ,each shareholder can attend any meeting .
At the same time ,they will also be shareholders divided into group of market research ,location ,fund raising group ,group design group ,company registration group and other 9 groups,the shareholders in accordance with its own director, were divided into different group .
The working group arranged, they begin in Nanchang section for half a month market survey .During this period ,they ran the Nanchang more than 10 cafes and restaurants,find out the features and shortcomings of these stores ;one of the shareholders of a mistress ,afternoon ran a lot of coffee shop ,taste the coffee taste nauseated .
Through to the customer occupation ,income ,consumption level, a comprehensive investigation ,they will finally own cafe style positioning for the humanities style ,fresh and home furnishing ,European-style retro ,a customer can be relaxing place .
And Market Research of synchronization, section of carpet search location work was also carried out in an orderly manner .The goat was involved in siting ,he introduced ,in the month work site ,he and the other shareholders of daytime search shops ,even in the evening together ,christian louboutin shoes,meeting summary information ,discuss to three or four a.
m. is the common matter .In the preparatory process ,shareholders will inevitably have different opinions ,the biggest difference is the location problem .In a preliminary identified Hengmao ,clear water and blue sky square ,camphor forest 3homeaddress ,shareholders began intense debate .
The final solution is the shareholders together show a 3 home address,to convene a general meeting of shareholders ,the minority is subordinate to the majority principle to decide ,at last determined in HMS open cafe .
The cafe has been in the decoration ,is expected in late June opening .Although the cafe began to slowly forming ,also gained many people support and response, but also many voices online .
Many Internet users questioned, by more than 40 shareholdersopen cafe may temporarily can fire temporarily, but the management henceforth ,management will have many contradictions ,perhaps will face the predicament of dissolution .
In the face of challenges ,one of the initiator empty cafe ,cafe shareholder ownership and right of management are different ,the cafe hired a professional chef ,store manager ,legal advisors and financial personnel ,aimed at professional spirit to make this project .
One of the shareholders of Ms. Lai said, the current status of capital to support for half a year to a year ,the second batch of shareholders are being recruited .They have been in the preparations for the establishment of a limited liability company ,the company is registered ,the company name Nanchang dream as Ma Chuanbo Limited have been identified and registered .
They also invited the Beijing Dacheng Law Firm in Jiangxi branch of the two lawyers as legal adviser ,responsible for the shareholders investment agreement and the articles of association of the company .
After the company registers ,all shareholders in stock share profits ,risks .Shareholders by shareholders meeting vote ,elected executive director . Even if we failed, but we have at least once try to dream .
If there is no dream ,live and die .This is our cafe promoters dumb ,goat ,empty ,white in their bean station to write a sentence .( the names are net) related articles :welcome to comment I want to comment to share: the micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN017 )in the new network on 27 February according to Hongkong Ming Pao Daily News Web site, 3 mainlandman last weekend in Hongkong using false identity document generation should TOEFL English test ,was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment in real time .
The magistrate dismissed the 3 defendantscommit a crime it knowingly ,make international accreditation exam assessment system is impaired ,shame .Lawyer .When referring to 3 people inGuangdong Province studying foreign language courses ,events are known to be related to school ,hoping to get a lenient sentence .
The 3 defendants were 23to 24 years of age,last Saturday to HKEAA Lai King assessment center should TOEFL English test ,on the eve of the exam are foreign examiners to check the identity document when a problem is detected ,then the alarm .
The defendant under caution that generation test ,gained the 80 pointsabove 2000yuanreward .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today (
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June 25, 2012 world news Jiangsu TV new Jin hostes

Town cadre in saving the drowning boy name left Qi

The boy needs a liver transplant in order to survi

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Woman because of a quarrel with her husband after

The young couplehaving a frame was carried before the woman Dutch act depressed young woman died and her husband was taken away by the police investigation because of conflict, women small satellite (a pseudonym ) was killed after attempting to Dutch act will young .
Subsequently rushed to the families of hospitalized children ,eventually died after a narrow escape ,call by the police .Multiple interviews with reporters confirmed satellite ,louboutin,after suffering from depression ,christian louboutin shoes,the Haidian police in the investigation .
The couple quarrel brewing tragedy 23 yearsof small satellite and husband Lee lives in Haidian District Zhongguancun North First Street in a graduate dormitory building .At noon on April 13th ,two people of husband and wife in the family quarrel happened ,many people went to the home console .
Later, Lee and mother ,satellite and son on a piece of solitude .On the afternoon of the same day ,Lee repeatedly dial the phone call ,always in a disconnected state .Until the evening, satellite phone is switched on .
The phone call ,just say two words ,it had no words .An immediate call home ,found lying on the floor ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,head dripping with blood ,and their son was lying in bed, breathing has stopped .
Family alarm save lost a life after the incident ,Li mother and other family members rushed to the scene .They found that children without trauma, suspected of being suffocated with quilt .
Li mother immediately to the children to do artificial respiration ,kept to the children in the chest ,blowing ,but will be of no avail .But next to the small satellite is bloody, hair after stained with blood clots in its head ,there is a hole ,everybody hurried alarm .
After the incident ,120 emergency vehiclesarrived quickly, and two people were sent to the Haidian Hospital for treatment .That night, because rescue is invalid or declared dead ,christian louboutin uk,small satellite is out of danger .
A family member said ,in the bedroom were found in small satellite left suicide, before a few sentence :Xiao Li ,I figured out ,is my own affair .I took the children away ... ... That night, the police investigation at the scene after the suicide note .
Nine thirty in the evening ,the police from the hospital will call off the investigation .According to the report, two people of husband and wife relationship has been good ,christian louboutin,occasionally noisy but are not particularly intense .
May be due to the incident before the satellite would like to return to Hebei Xingtai maiden ,Louboutin Pas cher,but rejected,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, disgruntled .Multiple interviews with reporters confirmed suffering from depression ,small satellite .
This morning, the reporter understands from Haidian police ,according to a preliminary investigation ,the woman is his mother .At present, the Haidian police were still investigating the matter .
Article / reporter Pan Lei Chi Haibo to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot if not her father yesterday found just pass by ,she might have to lay down on the cold street by a crime .
January 12th morning ,Hunan Changsha emergency department of Xiangya Hospital ,Wang Xiuqi touched the wound with gauze daughter Xiaoyi arm ,her tears fell straight .Before the accident ,7 year old girlin the street is a small happy Jetta flying .
The driver drove away ,drivers crossing off rescue, unexpectedly found him is his daughter . The wounded man was my daughter 11days afternoon 4 when make,christian louboutin pas cher,Mr. Wang and colleagues back driving unit .
Pass by Changsha City Xingsha Avenue and cool Pond Road intersection ,the aggregation of the passers-by caused the attention of Mr. wang . I knew it was an accident ,going over to help .
Mr. Wang said ,he and his colleagues to pull over ,go into the crowd .Along the way,Louboutin Pas cher, passerby exclamation in Mr. Wang ears ,they said the injury was a schoolboy, the man was knocked flying .
Mr. Wang said ,beginning from the crowd, he can only see a small figure lying on the ground ,blood on the clothes .Until approached ,he found the boy very familiar, the wounded man is actually the daughter small happy !At that moment,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, my heart is like being stabbed !This man about 30 years old ,he was kneeling on the ground ,very want to pick up the injured girl ,but is afraid of causing two injuries, dare not move ,had to pick up the phone in 120theRave: when are you going to ?Ask you to help my daughter !120 emergency vehicles arrived quickly ,small happy was rushed to the hospital .
Classics doctor is diagnosed ,Xiaoyi leg ,arm ,shoulder and body with multiple severe fracture .Impact also hurt her brain .Day 12 morning ,reporter in the hospital to see small happy .
And in she needs to hold my hand in order to keep calm ,he is still sore from time to time .The vehicle escape surveillance video has found a young daughter settled into the hospital, Mr.
Wang started to pursue the perpetrators ,we do not need the medical bills ,but he ( the driver ) to do so too wicked ,I must find him .Mr. Wang told the reporters ,the thought of daughter was suffering, he feels sad and angry .
12 4 pm,reporters from the injured girl mother Wang Xiuqi that ,white Jetta hit-and-run monitoring video has been found . Video surveillance to my daughter is white Jetta car flying scene, the driver even one second did not stay ,accelerated away .
She is only a child of 7 years old ah ,why he was so cruel ?Wang Xiuqi said, cried again .Mood calmed down ,the family said :we cannot accept his escape act .If he can take the initiative to look at the children ,take responsibility for themselves ,we may be able to forgive him .
At present, the traffic police department is according to the monitoring video recorded information ,to find hit-and-run drivers .According to the Sanxiang metropolis daily to share: welcome
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June 25, 2012 world news Jiangsu TV new Jin hostes

Town cadre in saving the drowning boy name left Qi

The boy needs a liver transplant in order to survi

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Before the Games champion Zhang Shangwu recreates the busk girl

The newspaper news( reporter Wang Ruifeng ) yesterday afternoon 6 points,before the World University Games gymnastics champion Zhang Shangwu in the Wangfujing metro exit A and the Oriental Plaza at the entrance, a show .
At around 8 pm, due to show caused a large number of residents ,leading to subway mouth jams ,witnesses said Zhang Shangwu away by security .The new world of the orient a cleaning member Mr.
Jia said ,yesterday afternoon 6 points,one dressed in red men in the Wangfujing subway mouth and the Oriental Plaza at the entrance to performing a handstand ,except you have several gymnastics pictures, a white card says gymnastics show will .
He is not tall ,if not more ,preaching all several gymnastics action ,then himself on the ground inverted .Mr. Jia says ,the photograph before also put a white rice cylinder ,Zhang Shangwu inverted when, many onlookers people to the food cylinder put money and photographed ,there are 1 blocks,louboutin pas cher,10blocks,and one to one hundred .
Mr. Jia said ,show caused forty or fifty people watching, because in the subway exit, once causing congestion . 8,security and advised him to leave here ,he went .The profile of Zhang Shangwu in 2011 July,Zhang Shangwu here subway mouth up begging ,because of the retired athletes and gymnastics champion status ,cause public opinion attention .
Zhang Shangwu was employed in Chen Guangbiao company ,a monthly salary of over 10000 .But 110 days later,Zhang Shangwu resigned ,christian louboutin,disappeared from public view .Recently, the media reported that ,Zhang Shangwu opened a Beijing pillow company ,when the boss .
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN017 )Jing Yi is still in the hospital to receive medical treatment .Chen Zhiyi was taken from the country sent Jing Yi a gift .
The day before yesterday ,Nanfang Daily reported Foshan Foshan observation nurse micro-blog rescue leukemia report of Jing Yi ,which originated from the nurse post network events ,spread rapidly to become friends collectively involved in rescue operations .
Rescue small Jing Yi action in the netizen comes from countrywide each district ,within a few days, the participation in the salvage of small happy friends more than more than 1000 ,and the donation amount is more than 10000 .
However ,nurses micro-blog relay post make happy to get enthusiastic people to donate, but their father was intended to keep ,and threatened to take my daughter discharge settlement .
Yesterday Ronggui women involved in the mediation ,after a whole day mediation ,finally yesterday afternoon 5 when make an agreement between the two parties ,charity hospital were all into account ,if there is a balance to all go to charity .
His father had hoped that his daughter euthanasia in Ronggui hospital in 3 pediatric nurses relay for static Yue micro-blog seeking social relief event has been widely disseminated ,friends come to happy love ,but never ask for charity Jing Yi Lan jade suddenly at the father to his mother Jiang Chenglan attack ,its mother donation of $82000 tohim .
Because the money is donated to the Jing Yi treatment in special ,Jiang Chenglan refused ,the further escalation of the situation ,blue jade sitting in the unit continuously for 24 hours ,and in the period of Jiang Chenglan pull continuously ,and threatened ,if not hand over the money ,will immediately provide happy through the discharge formalities .
Ronggui Street office was informed that the matter ,louboutin,in order to stop the blue jade to father identity for the Jing Yi through the discharge formalities at the first time ,immediately appointed Ronggui women beam lady came to the hospital to mediate ,in the negotiations, blue jade has always believed that ,since it has been donated to charity Jing Yi ,how to handle is he as the principal thing ,he the charity was happy mother custody of Jiang Chenglan case ,Jiang Chenglan refused to surrender ,he must take the happy go .
As to why not will be handed over to the blue jade ,Jiang Chenglan said he had had a daughter of 10000 yuan pocket money ,and in order to compete for the money ,he also hoped that the hospital as the daughter of an injection euthanasia ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,refused to continue the treatment .
Finally, the women proposed to all donations in the hospital ,for all the happy medical treatment, such as remaining will be donated to charity .The scheme has blue jade .But his request to upgrade once more ,demands that Jiang Chenglan will total 82000 yuan to the hospital ,and he would be to see hospital list ,otherwise he will take drastic measures to enforce Jingyi discharge ,even if it violated the law ,he will do the same .
He wrote that book agreed not to interfere with Lan Yu said that as long as the time give the money to the hospital ,after the daughter to spend the how much money ,how much money or social caring people donated much money he would not interfere, daughter of treatment for don to ,and every once in a while ,he will come to the hospital to the daughter of medical cost list ,account record clearly ,every penny will be used to cure his daughter and not for other .
If the daughter died ,did not spend all money to charity, Jiang Chenglan will not be money out to pay a debt .After several hours of twists and turns ,charity and Jiang Chenglan borrowed money all transferred to the hospital account .
Yesterday afternoon 5 when ,in the women Ministry of public security of the witness, blue jade take payment invoice and wrote that book ,he promised not to harass cure his daughter, and daughter never forced discharge ,if the law ,I will bear the legal and criminal responsibility .
Lan Yu said ,my daughter is dead ,you make a phone call to me, I will take the invoices come to her daughter ,the rest of the money away .Yesterday afternoon ,in the laurel hospital had 24 hours ofblue jade finally left the pediatric inpatient ,but will not come again ,Jiang Chenglan have no bottom .
She said ,and her husband a life-and-death struggle to save the lives of his daughter .After blue jade disturbance, Jing Yi unwilling to speak ,she seems to be around people lost confidence ,only to help her nurse sister smile ,her sister said :I will go to heaven will bless you .
Nanfang Daily reporter Chen Zhiyi Intern Yang Liuying Cheng Yuan the netizen comments @Blueflychanpoon :a cold-blooded ,a helpless mother and daughter !All of Jing Yi and her daughter help ,sympathy ,donations had become her blood father threatened the mother and daughter reason ,christian louboutin uk!The child dying time ,no care for children ,but every night at the threat of wife surrender money ,last night to now ,although no hands ,but the language on the constant threat of mother and daughter ,must ask for money .
@ming--- : Thank you for the women Nanfang Daily reporters to persuade happy father signed agreement ,hope he Shou commitment not harassing their mother and daughter .@Mango- Buzz :if not give her happiness, she gave a little happiness !It really so difficult ?True money than affection ?@hoho banana some thing some feeling :really unlucky happy if go ,I know there are many people believe that Aunt proceed without hesitation to help their mother and daughter ,only return is live will you help others continue the spirit ,set an example by personally taking part to help more people in need .
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Mother hide cancer to earn money to save sick son

In October 14th, his son Ma Kaijun take care of lying in bed mother Li Daxu .Reporter Zhang Luqiao Chen Chao intern taken the newspaper news ( reporter Yang Shengquan ) when the wrong drink sulfuric acid burn esophagus bigger operation ,five Fengjie County Horse rural village of Li Daxu himself in the hospital to check the gastric cancer .
In order to save her son ,she hide their illness ,still working hard on the farm, hard labor for the children to save medical expenses .The day before yesterday ,netizens as the most beautiful mother Daxu li away ,with her own life to the great mother explained .
I called her the most beautiful mother in October 18th, the newspaper published a young mother Li Daxu conceals the cancer to save her son ,reported quickly by Sina and other websites ,in the community has aroused strong repercussions .
The most selfless mother ,not only is she gave her son life ,still in her willingness to give his life for his son .Netizen naughty girl read the report message said: read the report I cry ,louboutin pas cher,mother love is too great !She is the most beautiful mother !While living in Zhejiang Lee from the Internet to see this newspaper reported, call find reporter ,choked ,read reports he couldn ,Louboutin Pas cher,reported that reminded him of her own love for so many years .
The family lives in Shandong Zhou said ,to keep him in University ,his mother overwork ,at a young age he left this world .Li Daxu gave himself to save reminds him of his mother .He repeatedly with the Li Daxu family ties, said that if Li Daxu is willing to to Shandong for treatment ,he would pay all medical expenses .
Chongqing Charity Federation ,Fengjie County Civil Affairs Bureau ,Fengjie County Federation of industry and Commerce in seeing this newspaper reported, once again help this unfortunate family .
She learns that the disease persisted in home Li Daxu Ma Tianwen, last month, in Daping Hospital in treatment of advanced gastric cancer Daxu Lee that they are after is very calm, she believes in the hospital to continue treatment is a waste of money ,insist on going home .
Where I want her to come home alive ,wait for death !Ma Tianwen said ,he and his son strongly disagreed with Li Daxu was released from the hospital ,but Li Daxu actually went on a hunger strike threat .
Helpless, they had to pick her home .After repeated work ,she agreed to not far from home in five rural hospitals were conservative treatment .That he was going to die ,ten days ago ,Li Daxu puts forward to want to take a picture .
.Go to the pictures in the morning ,she put all her clothes are out, chose a dark red coat ,mirror and comb the hair was perfectly in place .The husband and son helped ,originally only 5 minutes away ,she walked for half an hour .
As the photographer the whole family smile frames in the photo .Take photos ,son Ma Kaijun couldn .In the photo, only more than 30 years oldmother looked haggard ,50 fullyears .Her smile is very reluctantly ,and even some stiff .
And Ma Kaijun said ,my mother is the most beautiful woman in his mind ,mom will encourage him to overcome all difficulties in life .Deathbed care son studies according to the family come back ,Li Daxu ,the doctor every two days to draw from her abdominal cavity of two or three kilograms of ascites .
Pain let her sweat ,but she never grunted his son face .Deathbed ,Lee Daxu care or the son of health and education .In order to make his mother happy ,sensible Ma Kaijun to school borrowed some books with the book ,the arms to the bed, said his school ,Li Daxu listened very glad ,constantly told him ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,must take care body ,Louboutin Pas cher,try to get into a good university ,find a good job .
The day before yesterday morning ,woke up from a coma. Li saw Daxu ,surrounded by her husband and son ,she with a feeble voice comfort them : is normal ,you don .She took his son by the hand and said :Army man, your body will do a large operation ,I have gone,christian louboutin shoes, you must listen to his father to take good care of their own ,the last two months do not eat too blunt .
Then ,louboutin pas cher,she once again fell into a coma ,never woke up .News playback the year before last February 14th ,Fengjie County,Louboutin Shoes, five rural junior students Ma Kaijun mistakenly drink a great deal of sulfuric acid ,oesophagus and stomach were burned .
In March 14th last year, this newspaper reported that children has caused numerous people ,netizen attention .Last March, mayor Huang Qifan makes instructions for many times ,asked relevant departments to help the horse Kaijun .
In July 27th this year, the community donated about one hundred thousand yuan to the horse ,Daping Hospital Kaijun implementation operation ,its parent Li Daxu detect gastric cancer ,but in order to rescue the son has been hiding his condition .
At the beginning of the year 8 ,sustained attention ,charity ,donation of 90000 yuan for children .In August 30th this year, the operation is successful, the child more than two years after the start ,like a normal person to take food by mouth .
In September 23rd this year, the horse Kaijun was released .In October 15th of this year,louboutin, due to the delay of the treatment ,mother Li Daxu ,diagnosed with cancer in late stage .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment > reports :husband hide of hepatitis B disease wife sued for divorce was dismissed , relationresultCivil servantsto work under the alias to hide the disease cancer hospital half dead , relationresultMy motherto let him study hard to conceal uremic condition 4 yearsmicro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN021 )witnesses Li Jun ( left ) and ashore near save student Wu Chao .
The newspaper news ( reporter Sun Ming Liu Chang correspondent ) yesterday, Xianning Gan River Shuanghe bridge waters daring moving one act ,a six or seven year old little boy fall into the river ,does not know the water mother desperate to rescue also sink .
Xianning University and the Xianning Vocational Technical College in the 3 college studentsrushed to the water rescue ,finally make the mother and son to safety .Two forty yesterday afternoon ,reporters rushed to the scene ,found the witness Li Jun .
Li Jun said ,Louboutin Outlet,on the day after lunch he in Gan river walk ,suddenly found in front of about 50 meters water in a man overboard .Li Jun knew the river is six or seven meters deep ,due to their not water ,Li Jun immediately called out for help .
Three guys jumped into the river to save a gallop .Li Jun memories, 3 boysin the cold waters it costs a lot of time to save drowning son support to the river ,the river people spontaneously node adult ladder ,two water and 3 boyspulled ashore .
The reporter learned from the scene ,after the rescue ,two water rescuer did not leave their names left the scene .The reporter saw another rescuer -- Xianning University student Wu Chao .
Don interview me ,louboutin pas cher,so little things, who met to save .Wu Chao shivering ,he said shyly :when the water just off down ,not to take off trousers, pants pockets by mobile phone in blisters ,won .
The reporter learns ,two other guys are undergraduates from Xianning Vocational Technical College .Drowning child was rescued, probably due to shock, middle-aged women simply because his son accidentally falls into the river ,they pull also falls into the river ,then left in a hurry .
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Couple in the restaurant to eat out flies the shopkeeper kneel d

Law Enforcement Coordination come to a deadlock ,the female boss suddenly knelt down ,emotion .Customer snack eat flies trigger kneel photograph on the net causes a stir not official live video was forced in May 12th, friends in a web site posting newspaper says ,in Yunnan Chuxiong a snack bar, a couple from a couple in the video :breakfast restaurant eat flies the hostess apologized :source .
Sina podcast flies ,requirement proprietress arrangement to physical examination and compensation for mental damages, compensation for loss of working time ,and claimed his family is a civil servant ,will be forced to kneel proprietress .
In the numerous netizen condemned the couple at the same time ,louboutin pas cher,also the netizen thinks, local TV interview video, and no claim to the family of the civil service is a segment of words, the landlady kneel in the apology, not forced, appeal netizen not to be cheated .
Text / graph reporter Yu Mengjiang nets :make such a fuss about female customers clamoring for family are civil servants in May 12th 13:16 ,named the Flying Tigers the netizen in layered workshop forum posting said, the morning of May 11th ,two girls and a boy of three customers to Yunnan province Chuxiong Yi people of the town as a Yao stinky tofu casserole snack to eat breakfast ,male customers was almost done ,in the bowl found a fly ,snack shop proprietress hastened to apologize ,and give the male customers for a bowl ,commitment 3 breakfastis not money .
Accompanied by a female customer disagree ,saying she had been stung my chest hurts ,and her husband had a heart attack ,was scared out of the attack, arranged for her husband to Madame checkup ,and compensation for their 3 peoplethe spirit loss fee ,compensation for loss of working time .
Meanwhile ,this female customer call consumer ,business ,health supervision ,110and ChuxiongTV station people express .All law enforcement officers has arrived at the scene ,in the law enforcement departments under the coordination ,boss has three times to apologize to the guest ,and according to disappear assist staff explained ,the law of food hygiene of compensation ,the highest is 10 times of opinion ,according to 3 customerstwo bowls of rice price standard of 10 yuan ,100 yuancompensation for guests .
Two female customers do not agree ,still requires the spirit loss fee ,lost wages ,and arrange physical examination ,at the same time photos of female customers said :my dad is a public safety expert ,my sister in the TV ,i .
.. ... In industrial and commercial bureau ,i ... ... In court ,all my relatives are civil servants ,I also raise many younger brother ,if not for you today ,I make a phone call ,call a car I come to your home ,every minute .
The final boss is forced to kneel to apologize .A video of the truth :female customer called Okami big sister friends will be the local public television channel broadcast the news program is uploaded to the network ,the reporter can see in the video ,male customers to the shopkeeper and abusive anger ,female customers said: we are just going, you will punch out hit, this is black ?The two parties dispute over 20 minutes .
Male owner refused to apologize again ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,male customers said: is not important, important is your attitude ,we need to make our curse ,a sincere apology did not .Things come to a deadlock ,when female shopkeeper suddenly knelt down and said ,you got me on my knees ,female customer immediately said: big sister ,I didn kneel ,go ,she will so that we can go .
And pulls the male customers want to shop and go .At this time, the presence of the law enforcement officers to pull the landlady ,but the female owner of the emotion ,don knelt down and said: have to make an apology to you ,you have to how to make the human life ,is it right? .
Finally, the landlady by law enforcement personnel persuasion up ,two guests may also leave the shop .Male customer leaving said ,we have breakfast eat flies ,and eat out, we had just told the shopkeeper to apologize to us ,but did not think the landlord will curse ready to hit,Louboutin Outlet, we want an apology ,and the other was handed to the administrative departments ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,but the trick play situation we can .
The video did not see 2 customerscalled family is a civil servant .Police :two couples are not civil servants of the net posts by Sina micro-blog nicknamed Xiaoyue director within a day of being forwarded nearly 50000 times,cause wide attention Xiongchu City Public Security Bureau ,the incident was investigated .
In May 12th 17:44 ,Chu Hsiung City Public Security Bureau issued by official micro-blog investigation results ,said the dispute because of fan Mou ,Shen a couple people in two Fu and Gong certain couple business shop early in breakfast ,which some found in early fan the flies ,and physical discomfort caused by .
After investigation ,fan and Shen XX Department of Chuxiong City ,two average per capita than civil servants in the course of events ,both parties without limbs conflict .On the morning of 12, the police in patient counselling, Gong XX said it would strengthen sanitation management ;fan Mou Gong a party to apologize ,the two sides finally reached an understanding .
User reviews ,comments we cheated micro-blog !@ lucky Walker :we are cheated !The truth is vermicelli shop customers to eat flies ,the attitude is very bad ,the landlady in before law enforcement officers ,on their own initiative to kneel, customers do not say family is a civil servant .
Hamadryad 229:@ little so-called raving I think is imagined .Blogger is not to say that beauty forced owner kneel ?Also make impertinent remarks ?But I in the video to see this is ?I see is stores attitude is bad, the woman is her kneel kneel ,belonging to the rogue behavior .
Many people are good, but not all people to consume kind heart ,people are vulnerable .Fear of knowledge :@ Dareknow had hit false information label .I feel so good ,the disinformation micro-blog do not delete, keep the pillory ,to make known the rumor, vigilant .
@ a residential indoorsman :although it is false information ,but if I say ,my family are not civil servants ,but I have a micro-blog .As long as you are willing to on the family ,who cares .
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN010 )the newspaper news (reporter He Jie) 27 days morning,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,Xi south family Star City District into a black dog ,bite two people, were four guards kill .
Yesterday morning ,family Star City District 7 Northdownstairs ,have been recovered ,but on the day before the morning 8 when make,a black dog suddenly rushed into the courtyard ,in one breath it bites two owners .
27 in the morning,we hear someone calling ,ran after seeing a black dog ,a 40-year-oldwoman bites, the leg is bleeding ,as well as an old man was bitten ,we called the four security guards took the dog killed .
Area security, said Mr. Zhang ,within the community also has a pet dog owners ,but the owners of pet dogs basically by the owners to carry out, they basically are known ,but only by the owners of the dogs, they have never seen before ,should be from outside the district barged in stray dogs .
Subsequently, the community security for dogs were buried .According to the district residents Mr Tsui said ,two owners is bitten by the dog ,the injury is not heavy, will go to the hospital to vaccinated ,wait until the afternoon ,still see them out ,it should be no problem .
According to the animal quarantine experts said ,dogs are not necessarily because the rabid dog will bite ,the spring is also the estrus, more manic ,may also hurt .To share: welcome
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